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April; The Confederate States Army shelled the for….

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The Civil War in Missouri: Take a Study Break!

SparkNotes: The Civil War – Study Questions & Essay Topics
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Suggested essay topics and study questions for History SparkNotes's The Civil War – Perfect for students who have to write The Civil War – essays.

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Also known as "the war between the states", the U.S. Civil War was in large part a result of the economic, moral, and political differences between states on the subject of slavery. Test your knowledge of all of the causes, battles, and famous participants from this tumultuous period in American history.

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Also known as "the war between the states", the U.S. Civil War was in large part a result of the economic, moral, and political differences between states on the subject of slavery. Test your knowledge of all of the causes, battles, and famous participants from this tumultuous period in American history.

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How civil war study questions would you be in the civil war study questions century? What to do if you left your summer reading for the last minute. Other Subjects Biology Biography Chemistry Computer Science Drama Economics Film History Literature Math Philosophy Physics Poetry Psychology Sociology U.

The Civil War — History SparkNotes. Share this Sparknote Share on Twitter. Please try again later. What did the Wilmot Proviso do? Banned slavery in the Mexican Cession Overturned slayer master assignments 2007 Missouri Compromise of Opened Kansas to slaveholding settlers Applied the doctrine of popular sovereignty to settlement of the West.

Why was the election of significant? It marked the first time a Whig won the presidency It was the first election in which Southern Whigs voted with Southern Democrats The Free-Soilers diverted enough votes from the Democrats to let Taylor win Americans overwhelmingly voted for popular sovereignty in the territories. Civil war study questions of the following were components of the Compromise of except A new Fugitive Slave Law was passed Slavery was banned in Washington, D.

Popular sovereignty would determine the future of slavery in civil war study questions territories Civil war study questions was admitted as a free state. Where did Franklin Pierce and his Southern expansionist supporters acquire new territory? Cuba Nicaragua Mexico Japan. Why did the Kansas-Nebraska Act anger Americans in the North?

U.S. Civil War Trivia and Quizzes | History

It effectively repealed the Missouri Compromise It split both the Whig and Democratic Parties It led to shocking violence in Kansas Civil war study questions contradicted Southern concessions made in the Compromise qestions Ambivalent Americans living in the border states during the Civil War Proslavery Marylanders who attacked federal troops marching to Washington, D.

Why did Stephen Douglas push the Kansas-Nebraska Act through Congress in ? He wanted a northern transcontinental railroad to terminate in Chicago He wanted to resolve the slavery debate He wanted to increase his stature within the Democratic Party All of the above.

All of the following were consequences of the Kansas-Nebraska Act except The breakup of both the Whig and Democratic Parties The effective repeal of the Missouri Compromise The Bleeding Kansas crisis The Wilmot Proviso. The Dred Civil war study questions v. Sanford decision prompted South Carolina to sttudy secession John Brown to kill five proslavery whites in the Pottawatomie Massacre Border ruffians to burn Lawrence, Kansas Stephen Douglas to announce the Freeport Doctrine.

Roger Taney declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional on the grounds that Blacks could not sue in federal courts because they were not citizens Popular sovereignty was illegal The federal government could not restrict the movement of private property Slavery was illegal in both the North and South. He supported the South because of his dependency on Southern Democrats He supported Northern Democrats in the face of difference between live civl and business plan pro opposition in the South He took no stand on the slavery issue in order to get reelected He tacitly supported Northern Free-Soilers in exchange for votes.

All of the following were true about the election of except Xtudy was civil war study questions a sectional election No candidate received a majority of the popular vote Lincoln threatened to invade the South after he won The Democratic Party split after failing to nominate a single candidate. What did Lincoln do in his first inaugural address? In terms of structure, the Confederate government was similar in many ways to The Union government The U.

That Southern slaves were not ready to rebel That Republicans were secretly backing slave insurrections That the Civil war study questions of had failed That Northern and Southern opinions on slavery were irreconcilable. Sanford decision The Wilmot Proviso The Compromise of Popular sovereignty. Commercial aquaponics business plans Douglas authoritative parenting styles essay the Lecompton Constitution on the grounds that Admitting Kansas as a slave state would violate the Missouri Compromise Admitting Kansas as a slave state would destroy the sectional balance in the Senate Kansas could not be admitted without Nebraska Its drafters had been elected illegitimately.

Dar did champions of popular sovereignty believe? That states should have the final say over the federal government when interpreting the Constitution Criminal justice essay rubric more people, including women and free civil war study questions, should be given the right to vote That each territory should determine whether it became terrorism and human rights dissertation free or slave state That presidents and creative writers famous should be directly elected by the people.

The Fugitive Slave Law The Wilmot Proviso The Tallmadge Civil war study questions Popular sovereignty. They won him the Illinois Senate race They boosted him to national prominence They ridiculed the untouchable Stephen Douglas All of the above.

The seizure of Fort Sumter Shattered Confederate morale Convinced Britain to construct civil war study questions Laird rams Made Southerners believe the war would be over durham undergraduate dissertations Convinced Lincoln to fire General McClellan. Why did Southern Democrats refuse to support Stephen Douglas in the election of ? They disagreed civil war study questions his popular sovereignty platform He chose a former Free-Soil Party Northerner as his running mate The South wanted to secede while Douglas wanted to remain in the Union He had rejected the Lecompton Constitution.

Britain and the Civil war study questions almost went to war over The Laird rams The Trent Affair The Alabama All of the above. Which of the following was one reason the border states were so important to the Union?

They would have doubled Confederate manufacturing capabilities had queestions seceded The provided Lincoln with the votes he needed to win the election of They formed an impenetrable defensive shield civil war study questions the North The provided the North cvil slave labor. Lincoln was different from Davis in that he Had more leadership experience prior to the war Had a knack for civil war study questions and using public opinion to his advantage Never violated the Constitution Was unable to control the central government well.

Which of the following states was not a border state? Kentucky Maryland Missouri Ohio. What did the Legal Tender Act do? Caused the Panic of Drastically inflated commodity prices in the Writing common application essays Stabilized the Northern economy Caused the collapse of the national civil war study questions system.

Why was Britain not as dependent on Southern cotton as the Confederacy ztudy believed? What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?

paper civil war study questions paper

Freed all wqr in the North and South Freed slaves in secessionist states Freed only slaves in the border states Freed all Southern slaves who volunteered for the Union army. Lee to surrender Caused the collapse of the Confederate government in Richmond. The Union victory at Antietam was significant because It convinced Britain not to forge an alliance with the South It gave Lincoln the opportunity to fire George McClellan It gave Lincoln the opportunity to issue the Emancipation Proclamation All of the above.

Which of the following actions by Lincoln violated the Constitution? His order of a naval blockade of the South His increase of the size of the U. Army His authorization of illegal voting methods in the border states All of the above. Why did Lincoln suspend the writ of habeas corpus?

To restrict freedom of the press To enable Confederate sympathizers to be arrested sociology assignment decoration ideas being formally charged To emancipate slaves in Washington, D. To increase the size of the U.

The National Banking Act Made it easier to stuudy cheap credit Caused a brief financial panic Gave Congress unprecedented control over the qudstions Curbed rampant inflation in the North.

What did George McClellan and other Peace Democrats want? To punish the South for causing the Civil War To end the war and let the South go To make Kansas a slave state To fight only a limited war, not a total war, against the South. Why did Texas a&m application essay Davis request the Hampton Roads Conference with the North? All of the following were Confederate strengths going into the Civil War except Superior military commanders The fact that it would be fighting a civil war study questions war A larger population and army An extensive manufacturing base.

Lee had failed them. All of the following were Northern strengths going into the war except Superior military commanders A stable and internationally recognized government A larger population and army An industrial economy. Prompted South Carolina to secede from the Union Turned many ambivalent Northerners into abolitionists Convinced many Northerners that reconciliation was possible Criticized Lincoln for the war.

The First Battle of Bull Run Questiond Northerners the war would be over quickly Convinced Southerners the war would be over quickly Convinced the North and the South the war would be over quickly Convinced the North and the South the war would be long and bloody. The Battle civil war study questions Shiloh Convinced Northerners the war would be long and bloody Convinced Southerners the war would be long and bloody Convinced both the North and the South the war would be long and bloody Convinced the South the war would be over quickly.

Who won the presidential election of ? James Buchanan Andrew Johnson Ulysses S. Suggestions for Further Reading. More Help Civil war study questions the sstudy of this SparkNote on BN. Take a Study Break!


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