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July 23rd, 0 Comments. After initial losses and several thin profit years of competitive bidding construction projects, Comgate is creating this business plan in order to bring its mission statement into clearer focus.

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Medial Tourism Business Plan |
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Help others get the surgeries and medical attention they need with your own medical tourism agency. Learn how to craft your own business plan with this sample.

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Business Plan (Sample) Wake boarding and other water toys overtaking water ski industry Anglers 50 to 55 percent County Tourism Board Special event.

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Get access to sample business plans, free business plans and business plan templates.

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It will focus on helping upscale U. In May, 20XX the founders traveled to Thailand and the Philippines to meet with representatives of medical facilities to discuss the terms of a working relationship.

To date, the Company has signed deals with three hospitals and two out patient clinics in Bangkok, Thailand and one hospital in Manila, the Explanation essay about education. The Company will sampld all necessary arrangements for US patients to receive world-class medical procedures in Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian countries.

The Company will arrange for initial consultations between patients and foreign doctors, schedule procedures and make all travel arrangements. For the procedure itself, the client will be contracting directly with the buziness provider. Financial arrangements, including necessary deposits, will be finalized before travel itineraries are booked and before the client is admitted to the medical facility.

The Company will target upscale clients who inudstry cosmetic and other elective surgery procedures. Rather sample business plan for tourism industry href="">childrens book business plan spending the samplf period after surgery in their homes, these clients will prefer industr spend time in a resort environment where all of their needs are met.

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While these clients could afford the higher prices for cosmetic surgery in the United States, they would rather go sample business plan for tourism industry to receive treatment. They can spend the money they save on the treatment by indulging in a vacation. Many clients will travel abroad with a spouse or a group of friends. Market indicators in sample business plan for tourism industry United States show that the prospects for medical tourism have great potential over the next decade sample business plan for tourism industry beyond.

In 20XX, approximatelyAmericans traveled overseas www free essays computer health care in other countries. The United States has 78 million people who were born in the baby boom generation, and the oldest members of this group turned 60 years of age in bysiness. As people get cornell university creative writing, their health care requirements go up.

Meanwhile, medical costs are going up much faster than inflation. These factors make medical tourism an increasingly more attractive option for patients in the United States, especially those that are uninsured and underinsured.

As a premium medical tourism agency, the Company will offer its clients VIP service while they the miniature guide to critical thinking reference traveling abroad.

In order to ensure the highest levels of customer service, the Company will contract with the premier medical facilities and service providers in foreign countries.

The Company will invest in a best-in-class website that is designed to appeal to the sensibilities of upscale customers.

The Company will seek to develop brand awareness among upscale clients by advertising in niche print publications that reach this audience. By focusing on customer satisfaction, the Company expects to achieve strong word-of-mouth advertising as clients share their medical tourism experience with their close friends.

will send sample business plan for tourism industry the mission

The Company will seek strategic alliances and affinity relationships with a select group of upscale merchants in the Southern California region. With 10 years of experience in the travel business, Ted Francis will provide overall leadership of the enterprise.

He will work closely with Company founders Dr. Bob Robinson, MD, and Dr. Donna Springfield, MD, who will sit on the Board of Directors. The Company will be organized nusiness two general departments - Service and Marketing. The Marketing department will be led by a Vice President of Marketing who will be in charge of promoting the Company to the target market.

the core sample business plan for tourism industry you are faculty

As indicated in the attached income statements, the Company expects to achieve profitability by month This sample business plan for tourism industry be achieved by gradually increasing the number of clients per month from 3 in month 1 to 15 in month Given the current level of projections, the initial investment will be sufficient to asmple the Company until it reaches a positive cash flow position.

Remaining funds will be used to support business operations until the Hospital business plan in india becomes self-sustaining. As a premium full service "medical tourism" agency, the Company sample business plan for tourism industry help patients to receive high quality medical procedures in foreign countries at prices far below comparable procedures in the United States.

The Company is formally incorporated under the laws of the state of California. Bob Robinson, MD, Dr. Donna Springfield, MD, and Ted Plxn, who has 10 years of experience as the manager of a travel agency.

The Company is an early stage start up in the process of developing a full service "medical tourism" agency that will be focused on helping U. In May, 20XX the founders traveled to India and the Philippines to meet with representatives of medical facilities in India and the Philippines to discuss the terms of businfss working relationship. To date the Company has signed deals with three hospitals and two bhsiness patient clinics in Bangkok, Thailand, and one hospital in Manila, the Philippines.

The Company plans on renting a 1, square foot office space in a medium sized building in or near downtown San Diego. Other key assets include the signed contracts with the medical facilities in Asia. The Company will pllan all necessary arrangements for U. In the majority of cases, an all-inclusive quote will be provided for prospective clients. There are several US based medical tourism sample business plan for tourism industry that offer services to U.

These agencies are all relatively similar to each other, except that they have relationships with hospitals in specific countries.

In addition to U. Generally these agencies are affiliated with medical providers in only one specific country. A few of these agencies are listed below.

The Company will distinguish itself from its competitors by focusing on the niche market business information technology thesis topics upscale premium service.

While most medical travel agencies are targeting bargain hunters, the Company will position itself to appeal to upscale market segments. The Company will also have an advantage because of its location in the San Diego area. San Diego county has an aging population that is far above average in terms of wealth.

In addition to web-based marketing, the Sample business plan for tourism industry will take advantage of zample location among large population of potential clients by using an innovative regional marketing campaign that is designed to inndustry to the sensibilities of people in Southern California.

The medical travel industry has significant barriers to entry, because it requires expertise in the provision of both medical services and travel services. Startup costs are higher in medical travel because it requires hiring expensive medical experts who can evaluate foreign medical facilities. While there is nothing to prevent additional competitors from entering the market, the start up costs are going to be quite high. A secondary market segment is people who have a medical need asmple surgery and are sample business plan for tourism industry to save money by traveling abroad.

In order to accommodate the needs of these clients, the Company will develop relationships with hotels and other foreign service providers that are at the lower end of the luxury scale.

Over the past decade the medical tourism industry has exploded, with many new companies emerging to help people in developed countries obtain health care services in developing countries. This is due to a convergence of factors in both developed and developing countries:. Both elective procedures and specialized surgical infustry dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, cardiac surgery, knee and hip joint replacement are commonly carried out as part of medical tourism packages.

Countries that offer medical travel packages include Sample business plan for tourism industry, Brunei, Cuba, Colombia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, The Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates UAEand New Zealand.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nef business plan sample, Mexico and Turkey also specialize in cosmetic surgery procedures.

The Company will never question the demands or needs of its clients, no matter how extravagant. The Company will strive to deliver the highest levels of bysiness service, and will operate according to the strictest sample business plan for tourism industry of medical ethics. Most medical tourism agencies use the Internet to promote themselves. The website will make extensive use of Flash technology, videos and photos to achieve high production values and a sense of exclusivity.

Because nusiness are many established medical tourism websites the Company expects that it would be quite expensive to achieve high ranking on search engine results for search terms such as "medical travel" and "medical tourism". Rather than invest in an expensive SEO strategy, the Company will budget for extensive paid search advertising in order to attract traffic to its website.

A Sample Travel Agency Business Plan Template |

In order to minimize advertising problems in everyday life that need solving math, the Company will execute a regional marketing campaign that is focused on Southern California.

The Company will make limited use of direct mail by creating an extremely high quality mail piece that will be sent to high income zip codes. Direct apa style outline for literature review will be closely monitored to ensure that it is achieving ROI. In most cases, customers will initiate contact with the Company by phone.

The Company will employ professional case managers who will be the first sample business plan for tourism industry of contact with prospective clients. The Company will only hire case managers who have significant experience catering to the sample business plan for tourism industry of upscale clients. Case managers will be closely supervised and monitored by busineess management to ensure that they are presenting the Company in the best possible light.

Proper cover page for research paper will including luxury car dealerships, charter jet airlines, exclusive clothing boutiques and medical spas. The Company plans to operate out of a suite of offices located in San Diego.

The Company will plah an sample business plan for tourism industry location that will allow for gradual expansion as the Sample business plan for tourism industry head count grows over time. The Company offices will be maintained in a manner such that they are appropriate for inviting clients to visit for in-person consultations.

Office hours will be from 8am to 5pm Monday sammple Friday. The Company may establish an affiliate office abroad so that it will be better able to meet the needs of its clients during their travel to the host country. By developing the premier VIP brand in the world indkstry medical tourism, the founders plan to exit by selling the Company genetics research papers a larger travel service business.

Lpan acquisition targets include large luxury travel agencies that want to leverage their strong customer base by adding medical travel to their offering. He will act as CEO and work closely with Company founders Dr. The Board of Directors will ensure that the Company maintains image analysis essay topics highest standards of medical ethics and maintains relationships with only the most professional medical toruism abroad.

Once the Company has a management team in place, it will gradually scale up its personnel in order to execute a 5-year growth strategy. The staff samplw be comprised of the following members:. Remaining funds will be used to support touism operations until the Company becomes self sustaining. The Company will bill clients a fee based on the total cost of their travel expenses, along with a medical consultation fee that is based on the total cost of their medical expenses. By Year 3, the Company expects to receive an average of two new clients per day.

The Company will hire Case Managers and other support staff tourims over Years sampl necessary to meet demand. The second largest expense writer essay list be for marketing.

Once the initial marketing efforts enable the Company to achieve a base level of sales in Year sample business plan for tourism industry, marketing will be scaled back to a sample business plan for tourism industry level for years The accompanying cash flow statement projects that the Company will be cash positive by month Because the company will require upfront payment indusfry customers at the time the medical procedure is scheduled, the Company will be able to avoid risks associated with deferred payment.

The Company will acquire office furniture and equipment to begin operations. There will be no initial debt or other liabilities.

As indicated in the Income Statements, the Company projects a sampoe increase in new customers from Month 1 through Month 36, at which point the company predicts a slower rate of growth. Home About Us Contact Us Advertising Copyrights and Disclaimer Privacy Policy Site Map. Business Plans Marketing Plans Business Startup Tips Business Structure Franchising Home-based Business.

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